Search engine rank optimization is an important skill to have. Knowing how to rank high in the search engines will boost your traffic and, in turn, your sales. And best of all, it’s 100% free!

Colors are important. How many books or a magazines have you read where all the pages are light colored text on a dark background? My guess is none. Use this same philosophy when choosing the colors for your blog. Don’t choose a blog theme with a dark background. It’s hard to read. Pick colors that are pleasing to the eye, not colors that look cool. Cool is not always good.

Use it to deliver a package of content once each month. This is really good because if members cancel you can set up the membership so they still have access to what they paid for but nothing new.

Template Fields – Here you will able to add/edit the text in your template like Heading, Text for Action Button, Sub Heading, and Paragraph etc. It’s different for every template.

When I first started out as with one of my first internet income business idea I decided to use a self hosted Klicka vidare till sidan. I spent what seemed forever loading this platform onto my site. It was so complex that I was near to banging my head against the wall. The great news is that it doesn’t have to be that way any more.

Keep in mind you want your site looking good and having a decent amount of content on it before you apply. I would certainly not apply with less than 10 posts. Consider that the BARE minimum.

This system offers you various designs for your blog web pages and they are quite simple to manage. It is possible to look through the layouts they have and just select one that you like. You can also modify the colors of the blog if your not happy with all the default colors. So for those of you who wish to make sure your blog is unique, you’ll be able to do that within the setting. This really is just one of the fantastic features you will discover with a blogger account.

Video sharing sites offer another great way to get quality backlinks and lots of traffic. One way of creating videos from your content is to create a Powerpoint presentation and do a voiceover. This can be captured onto video by CamStudio. Then you can use services like TubeMogul to upload to several video sharing sites with just one upload.