Home health care workers are people in charge of caring for the sick, disabled and elderly in their communities. The work is usually performed within the homes or residential facilities of the people receiving care. The positions are widely available in every city, town, and suburb around the country. In fact, wherever there are people, home health care workers are and will continue to be in demand.

In 1992 the $126 million FDA budget came solely from congress. In the first year of senior home health care visiting nurse drug company support industry kicked in about million or about of the total budget for that year. By 2004 drug companies were paying $232 million, greater than 50% of the total budget. The upside is that some useful drugs, like AIDS and cancer medications, are able to get through the bureaucracy faster and get out to the public. The down-side is that so are drugs like Vioxx, blamed for the death or disability of hundreds of thousands of people.

How many of you have visited a nursing home facility? How many of you think that Medicare or Medical will take care of you? Think again because that party is ending as we run out of money.

Often times you will be confronted with several options. Picking between them can seem like a daunting task. How do you make a decision? How can you be sure that you have made the right decision? We’re talking about your childrens safety and well being here, so you don’t want to make any mistakes.

We all have to share. If we get some great pieces of information, we need to share it as soon as we can with as many people as we can. The information about health care reform is not meant to be secret, but many have no idea where to get it. If you get a handle on some piece of this legisltation, share it. Share it in an article or a newsletter. Share it in speech or over coffee. When we share information, we keep all the facts on the table and together we can all work this out.

I feel the operations of a Home Care Agency is simple. Better management equals better daily operations. Better operations equals better flow and easier management. Easier Management equals more time to spend on other activities. More free time equals to a lot more follow up with clients, field staff and internal staff.

Does becoming a caregiver sound like something you’d like to do? This is a lucrative profession that offers the self-satisfaction of being able to help those in need. Even if you have no medical background, you will still be able to set yourself up in business, and it isn’t going to cost very much to get started. By following these tips, you’ll be working for yourself in just a short time.

There are better options available for seniors these days that doesn’t include putting them away in nursing facilities. If this is the type of assistance you need to stay healthy and remain in your own home, you should definitely check into it. Try the yellow pages or search online to find local agencies that will help put you in touch with the right people.