Planning your wedding should be something enjoyable and exciting. However, many couples find this “job” very stressful because there are too many items to take care of. This is very true that you will need to keep searching on web and magazines for different ideas and information about your wedding.

Post cards- Anywhere you go, no matter what places you have been, they are good mediums to say hello to your friends if you will be going to another country. You can find a good scenery or a famous tourist spot as your background. Print them on a special paper with greetings and you can mail it to your families and friends who are expecting to hear from you.

You should avoid using flash when taking photos during the ceremony. Flash photography is welcome before and after the actual ceremony though. Flash can easily take the attention away from the couple and the ceremony and can focus it onto you. This is not something that you should be using. You should keep your photography to yourself and not draw attention to it through flash.

singapore wedding photography can be great in the rain. Don’t stress as you can often still have great pictures in all weather but don’t get caught holding a brolly when there is lightening about.

Use products that will make your makeup last all day. You may be crying, laughing, sweating, and everything in between on your wedding day, and your makeup needs to be up to the challenge. You’ll need great primers and waterproof mascaras (if you’re the crying type) to make sure you don’t end up looking like a shiny raccoon at the end of the night. Make it stick and make sure it’s something that will come off only when you want it to!

The wide-angle zoom offers a range of 24-70mm and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. This lens is great for closer indoor work and detail photography. Break this one out when you will be getting close to your subjects such as a dressing room or small bar area. This also makes a great walk around lens allowing you to get moderately close for candids and yet wide enough for small shots, table and room photographs. The zoom range on this lens is within the operating spects of most on camera flash equipment making it the go-to lens for any direct flash work.

It wasn’t long before somebody thought that the photograph became the norm and, dare say it, boring. In comes the video camera. Now, not only were photographs taken to document the special day, but videos, too. This way, not only was the action documented, but all that was said, too. Not only did we see still pictures that told our story, but now, we were able to see the whole story unfold right before our very eyes, in just the way we would see it if we were invited to the wedding.