Are your kids your top priority in your life? Are they your reason for everything you do? Have you sacrificed things in your life to make their lives better? Do you hate leaving them everyday at the sitter and missing the little things they do all day?

A successful ezine will be very targeted to a specific niche market. People love to read about their favorite jakt or interest, and if you can pinpoint a niche that is big enough to support your business then you could have a winner.

This is the list of ideas they came up with: Dolphins, Birds, Abstract, Flowers, Sports, Space, Fashion, Animals, Music, Numbers, Moon and Sky. I recommended that they choose one idea from the list and making this interest the centerpiece of their room.

If you make a character up from scratch, don’t think of them merely as “the tough game ranger” or the “prostitute with the heart of gold”. Everyone has quirks, inconsistencies and contrasts. Everyone has hopes and dreams, fears and heartaches.

Giving up friends and interests. With the thrill of being in love, it is too easy for women to put friends and family, hobbies and sports on the backburner. This is a fundamental mistake to make because a) women depend on support networks throughout their lives and b) men just can’t be everything to a woman. It is asking too much of them. It is important to maintain a happy balance in your life.

Think about your target publisher’s market, and list the different ways you can access it, and how many books you expect to sell – a conservative guesstimate that’s realistic and achievable. Evidence of sales figures from previous books would also help.

We love music and there will always be reasons to keep making it and proudly showing it off. So before you fall into one of those categories above, think hard about how you intend to manage your own music career and become a winner rather than a quitter.