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The A’s are 18-6 in August and take a six-game home winning streak into the contest. Boston rookie Jon Lester was expected to start but he’s being replaced by another rookie, Kason Gabbard. Lester has not been pitching well, so the change may not be all that bad. However, Oakland starter Estaban Loaiza has caught fire. He’s 3-0 in five August starts (team is 4-1) with a 1.77 ERA. Over his last three starts, he’s allowed 12 hits and just two ERs in 29.2 innings, for an ERA league of legends game 0.61!

Since LoL is free to play there are also some annoying fellows around. Fortunately there is a “mute”-function which makes them shut up. So don’t join their flame war if you encounter them – just mute them and go on playing in peace and harmony! The best option is to play with friends but that’s not always possible. /mute saved my life a Thousand times!

First off, elo boosting are not inherently good or bad – they are just a medium, like TV, books, the Internet, and so on. They should not be categorically vilified. Like movies and books, there are games that educate and enlighten and there are games that pander to our primitive fascination with sex and violence.

Why should I play it? It’s free! What’s more to love. It’s newbie friendly and it also has a great community! It takes about 30 minutes to 60 minutes to end a game. Enough time to maybe, wait for a friend? Wait for a party you have to go too? It’s something to kill your time. Of course, if you have other things that are more fun than games, than go do that too! I’m just suggesting league of legends is a great game to play based on its system and community.

In June the world will turn to Wimbledon to focus on Tennis. While other majors exist Wimbledon is the one that still captures the world’s imagination.

Also in April will be the start of the NBA Playoffs and NHL Playoffs. Each provides drama like no other playoff tournament can. Both involve struggles of seven game series were stars become legends in each sport. Both sports have stars looking to take the next level. In the NBA can Lebron win a ring? Over in the NHL two great young starts are still looking for their first Stanley Cup. Will Sydney Crosby or Alexander Ovechkin engrave their name on the Cup?

Opportunities are often given for autographs and simple conversations that would simply not occur at a bigger Major League game. Best of all the tickets for these games usually range in the $10 dollar range and food prices are half of what they would be at larger stadiums. Thus making for a cheap, but memorable night out, making sure that your gift will be truly appreciated without breaking the bank.