Unlike personal blogs that simply convey information about the writer’s day, or thoughts about life or certain issues, a blog created to promote your writing and writing services can be a powerful marketing tool.

Here are 4 internet marketing strategies which do not work. You need to review into its effectiveness and you might want to use personal intrest a different strategy instead.

Does your mate seem to be away with the fairies like they’re always thinking about something else? Are they forgetting birthdays, special dates, anniversaries or holidays? With 365 days in a year, only a few of them are special to you. Anybody who cares about you should remember them. If the dates are forgotten, well… you are forgotten. If you are forgotten don’t forget to slam the door on them after you kick them out!

If you spend each week counting down the hours until the weekend, you’re clearly lacking inspiration. Where better to find it than in a warm, beautiful country?

Remember the days when you talked about everything from the hair on your back to the strange new girl at work with your mate? You talked about everything together! Your mate was your best friend, your confidant, and your shoulder to cry on. Now, trying to have a conversation with them is like pulling teeth from a walrus. If you find you’re in a relationship with Walrus, you’re in trouble because you aren’t communicating. Walrus’ don’t speak Relationship. No communication, no future.

You do not have to write it as you would a formal paper for a college literature class but you do need to still maintain professionalism. That is your key word “professionalism.” So forget about mentioning your latest disasters or your love life. Keep those for any private, jobs between friends and even then be judicial in what you say.

Today, a more modern and high-tech way of talking about crushes, the latest escapades or pranks, and opinions on different issues has emerged. It is called blogging.

Clay pigeon shooting – If you want something a little different, booking clay pigeon shooting could be the way to go. It’s probably not an activity the group does often, so is bound to be memorable.