Six years ago I was diagnosed with a progressive illness. This illness has proved to be a blessing because I have learned to be my own advocate, to let go, to work on making amends, and to do everything possible to make my body strong. Living with a chronic and progressive neurological disease may not be the end of the road.

100,000 people a year are affected by high BP. Race has a lot to do with how you are affected. Last year the numbers of those killed by high blood pressure are as follows. 15.6% for white males, 51.1% for black males, 14.3% for white females and 37.7% for black females. As you can see black people are at the highest risk for high blood pressure and most of that percentage were unaware of the condition in their body.

Use, personal use and medicinal products that are not filled with toxic chemicals. Whatever we inhale or we put in or on our bodies, is taken into our bodies. That is why it is so important to use products that enhance our health and not ones that will slowly kill us.

Some people may feel uncomfortable with personal care tasks being performed by a person of the opposite gender. Ask the agency if they will send a caregiver who suits your loved one’s preference.

Resolution of the problem depends on the doctor’s sensitivity to your plea. You never know what response you’ll get. It may be a condescending attitude agreeing to your terms of surrender, or it may be a loud verbal outburst heard at the other end of the office. Expect anything!

With painful joints, it can be difficult for you to get into and out of a chair. You can make it easier by raising the seat of your chair. One way is to place a firm pillow on the seat of the chair. Alternatively, you can buy a lift-up seat for your chair.

No one can ever say that it is too late to start thinking about wellness and natural solutions to health. One can have everything that is needed to keep a family safe and healthy. This of course means satisfaction and happiness.