Driving steady flow of traffic to your site, making sure your blog readers will remember it and making them visit again could be very challenging. But the biggest question is “How”. Let me give you some simple insights on the “how” aspect to help increase your rankings in the search engine and to keep more blog readers coming back.

When we started this journey we didn’t have enough money saved up. But if we had waited until things were “better” we’d never have hit the road and experienced new things…

Writing blog s on the internet can be a lucrative business if done competently and marketed properly. Using Facebook as a marketing tool for a peartrees is a wise move if you intend to make it big as a blogger. However, since Facebook is a personalized social networking site, there is an unwritten protocol to follow. Bombarding Facebook friends with news feeds about your blog is a no-no. You can be branded as a spammer by doing this and your friends might hide or even delete you in their friends list. Keep in mind that Facebook communication relies heavily on the approval of one or both of the parties involved.

The last processor of Kodachrome was Dwayne’s Photo in Parsons, Kansas. This New York Times story is an interesting recap of the final days of Kodachrome at the last place you could get it developed. You can also learn more about the demise of my favorite film in my article Kodachrome is history.

Streamline your Followers List: You just streamline your followers list from time to time and unfollow the people who do not follow you back and have not tweeted in months. The idea is to create a list of followers that enhances the quality of your leads.

Do you have a talent for sewing or knitting? Do you make your own herbal skin care or candles? Have you home schooled your kids including designing the lesson plans around your own curriculum? Finally, did you ever think that you could use all this knowledge that you’ve accumulated to earn yourself some extra cash or contribute a full income to the household?

Posting pictures and videos which is linked to your blog on the Facebook wall is also an effective way to arouse interest in other people. Facebook lets you tag friends to photo and video posts. By doing this, you kind of coerce them in viewing your posts. This feature is used by many to market and advertise different types of businesses and causes.