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The first meeting between the two Techs was on Nov. 10, 1990. The Hokies were 5-4 heading into their second-to-last game of the season. The undefeated Jackets were ranked No. 7 and the Hokies gave them all they could handle in Atlanta. Georgia Tech won the game, 6-3, and went on to finish 11-0-1 and earned a share of the National Championship with Colorado. The Hokies finished 6-5.

Microsoft may of canned 1 VS 100 earlier this year but that doesn’t mean that they have given up on live episodic Look at the games I play on Xbox Live just yet. Instead it appears they are giving it a second go and are now beta testing a new game show, Full House Poker, which features a style of Hold’em called Texas Heat.

Once you’ve registered, have a look around the site. Some sites list the most recent payout offers at the bottom of the page. These are the easiest money on the site, which makes them good offers to start with. Find the freebie stuff and click. Maybe you may like to try some of the higher paid offers later. Maybe not. It’s completely up to you.

In addition, the new firmware update will also add enhancements to Remote Play. With Remote Start, you can turn your Playstation 3 on with your PSP via Wi-Fi. Your Playstation 3 needs to be in standby mode (where the LED light is red) in order for Remote Start to work. Previously, you can only use Remote Play when your Playstation 3 is turned on (where the LED light is green).

He also says that he knows “what it is like to watch people around me suffering from health problems.” For that reason, he often writes about health related issues in an effort to reach out to those coping with similar difficult concerns.

The Orioles continue to sit on their hands as every other team makes trades or signs free agents. I’m not encouraging the O’s to make a move just for the sake of it, but what’s the plan? Trading for Mark Reynolds is a relatively low-risk, potentially high reward move, but David Hernandez isn’t a bad arm to have in the rotation or bullpen. The team is looking at shortstops Jason Bartlett and J.J. Hardy and also holding out for Derek Lee and Carlos Pena to lower their contract demands. How exciting!