What Is a Catalytic Converter and How Can It Be Recycled?

If you’ve ever been aware of a catalytic conversion is then you’re aware they are an essential part of the emissions system used by cars. This article will guide readers on what catalytic converters are and the way they’re recycled.


A catalytic converter device is one that is affixed to the exhaust system of cars to minimize the harmful components of the car’s emitted gases. Catalytic converters basically take all the harmful components of an engine’s emissions and converts them into less harmful substances.

The Function of Catalytic Converters

Catalytic converters are devices which transform toxic gases in the exhaust of an engine to smaller harmful pollutants. They work through a catalyst in order to change oxygen and hydrogen from the air in order to produce an chemical reaction in the gases that cause poisoning in the exhaust. The platinum that is in the gas, for instance it is used to trigger this reaction.

The reason Catalytic Converters must be recycled

Catalytic converters make a huge difference to the emission system inside your car. They help to clean the pollution around you, by turning the emissions into harmless substances such as water vapor and carbon dioxide. The catalytic converter can also reduce the amount of fuel that is not burned in the exhaust by about half. This could be dangerous since fuel that isn’t burned could cause more pollution and smog.

How to Tell if Your Vehicle Needs to Be Recycled

A car can be recycled when it’s over 10 years old and has been accident-free over the last five years. This is at most four consecutive months, with no accidents. The car must be in good condition as well as have a legal title.

What Kind of Auto Junk Yard Should You Choose?

There are three distinct kinds of auto junk yards. The first is referred to as the universal junkyard. This kind of junkyard offers different kinds of components, but it is not a related one. In addition, there is a salvage yard. These yards are specialized in selling salvageable items that can be used to patch other vehicles. Also, we have the auto-wrecking garage. This junk yard is focused on vehicles and then dismantles them to get their parts.


Catalytic converters are an emissions control device that can be used on cars and other internal combustion engines. It utilized physical and chemical processes to limit the risk of hazardous pollutants, such as nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons which are released from the exhaust pipes.

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