This article provides many time saving tips. One of the most persistent obstacles to personal achievement is that old bugaboo, “I never have enough time.” The following insights and methods reveal how to have more time. You can review these methods and adopt the ones that seem most useful.

You feel the greed in your life everyday, no matter your country, your religion, no matter the circumstances. We become slaves to the machine of greed. It’s all a massive game that has led us into eternal debt which was created and intended for us to never come out of. So save your presidents, waste your presidents, it’s no different, you can’t take that paper with you to your heavens, and pretty soon bullets and machine guns will be the only legal tender. The currency of the futures, wiping out the use of any one Media Analysis economic machine. When the monetary system crumbles, and the paper money is of no value, what the hell you going to do then?

Another well known cause of STD infection is lack of hygiene. In the BDSM world especially quite a lot of personal hygiene is neglected. Toys that have been on the floor or in a toy bag should not be used unless cleaned and – when brought into contact with the genital area – protected. One should wear latex gloves during penetration, especially when in a (more) public environment.

Please join me in voicing your disapproval to these actions of our elected leaders. The Constitution has set into place a method to extract these leaders from theirr positions and we MUST act on these rights! We must stand together as a people and PETITION the government ASSEMBLE to show our presence and use our FREEDOM OF SPEECH to Governmental Corruption voice our thoughts.

The youth of the world are so lost in immediate gratification that they appear soulless. Superficiality is the call to arms in today’s money driven society. Greed is the synonym for politicians. Control is the synonym for religion. Wasted is the synonym for youth. Why is that?

Is this how the original founding fathers envisioned our government to work? These actions are completely against the spirit of the Constitution and hence are unConstitutional! Is this an example of our elected leaders representing the people? Is this a glaring example of Taxation WITHOUT Representation? Why should we as a people send any more tax dollars to this government? WHY?

Controlling the language is their means. Controlling the workings of government and business are their means. Controlling the flow of money and the generation of it are their means. And how the money is dispersed are their means.

The name game turned surreal when I joined Royal Harare Golf Course. My main caddy became another Lovemore, a handsome young man who is in fact something of a hit with the ladies. I passed on one man who wanted to caddy for me. His name; Vitalis, but he happened to be bald. I could just see the jibes and puns that having him around for 18 holes would cause. The final one, though, that still has me laughing, was the elderly caddy, dressed much more formally than all the others; complete with tie and hat; who didn’t seem to know much about golf, but was a fount of knowledge on many other subjects and regaled everyone with it throughout the round. Now, if you guessed that his name is Headmaster, you can go directly to the head of the class.