Both of my teams lost today. I watched the Huskies miss three field goals and lose in double overtime to be crowned the worst team in Division 1-A football. I watched Oregon State miss an extra point to leave my Wildcats up by one point with just under four minutes left in the game. Arizona had to play conservative, and probably would have been better off tied, and after they punted, OSU drove down the field and punched in a field goal as time expired.

Nets @ Nuggets: Just about the worst place 해외스포츠중계 teams want to play in on the second day of back-to-backs is Denver. The Nuggets should run them out of the building, regardless if Marcus Camby is out. The pace will get too hectic for New Jersey to handle, and Vince Carter shouldn’t be expected to produce much.

Haye, 22-1 (21 KO’s) and a former World Boxing Council cruiserweight champion, has a fixation with the head of his opponent being chopped off. He had T-shirts printed with the heads of the Klitschko brothers soaking in a puddle of blood when he challenged them but the fights fell through.

There are now 3 festivals especially for children. Whirligig in the Spring, Winterfest in the winter and the International Children’s festival mid May. None of these were around when I was a kid, darn! Seattle International Children’s Festival held the first week after Mother’s Day in May is probably the biggest one of all for kids. This festival has lots of music, various circus performers, theater and puppetry. You’re sure to see many “wide eyes” in the crowd for all that.

At the start of the exam read the exam papers instructions carefully thinking about nothing else. This will prevent you from making mistakes by answering questions you shouldn’t’t attempt because you have attempted other questions; but it will also focus your mind removing thoughts that lead to anxiety. Find a perfume or deodorant that as a calming affect on you.

(2) Increase your faith IQ beyond business risks. How does one apply the business practices to the relationship field? The playing field may be different but the rules are the same. It takes collaborative effort (teamwork), effective communication, faith in the ability to achieve (confidence), determination, perseverance, drive, focus, and all the factors that go into winning in the business world, and on the playing field in sports, to win at love.

Tennis – The Bears have been busy on the court this past week. This past weekend, they hosted the Cal Nike Invitational and are now in the process of competing in the Riviera/ITA All-American Championship.

As for the Seahawks, I don’t really expect them to win this weekend, unlike the Huskies, so maybe they can treat local legends Jim Zorn and Shaun Alexander to a surprising loss to shake up the NFC East.