“Prime” refers to the ability of the pump to fully circulate water from the pool, to the pump and filter, and then back to the pool. If the pump does not prime, the water within the pump continues to get hotter and hotter, eventually warping the pump basket and possibly doing other damage to the equipment. Not to mention the fact that your pool will be sitting without circulating or filtering, basically stagnating.

Pool pumps that are installed these days are generally self priming centrifugal pumps. They have a water maintaining chamber, which is designed to maintain water when the motor is switched off. The priming centrifugal pumps create a centrifugal force to move water via the filter basket. There is also an impeller in the centrifugal pumps which help speed the circulation of the water.

When we think of pool covers, most people assume that their main function is to prevent fallen leaves and debris from getting into the pool. Covers do that, of course. But what is more important, they prevent your pool from losing its temperature.

When it comes to preserving your swimming pool sparkling clean as well as crystal clear right now there are few issues that make a larger difference than a nicely working pump motor. The Venice Pool Repair Company motor is the piece of equipment which pulls the unclean h2o into the filter systems in order to cleanse it. Without a good pool pump your water will never be completely cleaned.

I like many of the features of this unit. It is a very quiet running unit, which is important as the unit is installed outside a bedroom window. The strainer basket is very easy to see, with a large window with great visibility. In addition, access to the strainer basket is a simple matter of the release of two hand turned knobs, which drop to the side allowing the removal of the clear plastic lid. This is a much easier to use design than the spin off locking rings that the Jacuzzi and other brands utilize. It is simple to remove the motor assembly (four fasteners) and the inner pump parts may be serviced without disconnecting the pipe fittings. This is a great design concept.

Many pool owners run the pump much longer than necessary. Four to six hours a day is usually sufficient. Remember you don’t have to run the pump constantly for this 4-6 hour period. If you tend to get bugs collecting overnight, run the pump for a few hours at mid-morning then again for a few hours in the afternoon or early evening. In between your filtering, use your skimmer net for any surface debris that gets in.

DE filters use diatomaceous earth (the fossilized remains of a type of hard shelled algae known as diatom). This is the most efficient type of filter for your pool and traps particles down to 3-5 microns.

So it’s not that hard and you’ll know whether you have a pump that’s too big or too small. If it is time for a replacement pump, consider the Pentair Whisperflo pool pump. Not only is it quiet but it is extremely efficient and economical.