Whilst forms of domestic solar panel systems have been around since the 1900s, many residential forms of renewable energy were seen by many to be to expensive when compared to traditional oil and gas methods of producing electricity and hot water.

You will only need two manual skills for your entire cheap solar kit construction. The first is a bit of woodwork knowledge to build the panel enclosure and mount the actual cells. The second skill is the electrical part which will require you to connect the mounted cells together. This really is simply wiring and connecting the cells in the correct way. Do not fear though any good renewable energy guide will have full instructions on both skills.

On top of regulating the system and acting as a preventative measure, a solar controller can be set up with many bells and whistles. One of those is that it can act like a thermometer keeping track of the health of a solar fan system. This can be done as simply as having LED lights that shine red or green depending on how the system is working. Or the solar power controller can have features that alert the owner to any problems as well as track the input and output of the system and reset any short circuits in the system.

You might have thought that it would be out of your price range to put kit paneles solares onto your home. This is no longer true as you no longer need to hire experts to do the job for you. You can build your own panels and thus save a good deal of money.

You can encourage others to join you in using solar power. After all, your neighbors may start to grow curious about the solar panels on your house. You can tell them about how these panels work by presenting the benefits so they can avail of solar panels for their homes as well. When they find out how much money they can save on top of the benefits to the environment, they’ll end up harnessing the power of the sun for their homes too. In this way, we can have more people saving Mother Earth and living better in these tough economic times.

Once you know these secrets, you’ll have the “inside scoop” on fun, simple DIY solar panels and you’ll join the thousands of people across the nation who are putting the power of the sun to work for them.

When looking to purchase, make sure the math adds up with the cells you are looking at. When I say math, I mean watts, amps, volts. Use Ohm’s Law. Ohm’s Law is: amps = watts/volts, volts = watts/amps, watts = volts*amps. If the math does not add up, there is something that the seller is not telling you or doesn’t know.

It was a bit tricky but fun and video instructions made all the difference, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to finish my very first DIY solar power for houses project!