Infants and young toddlers who become ill with even a simple cold can become miserable very quickly because they cannot blow their noses. Congestion can cause sleeplessness, irritability, and feeding difficulties. A few tips for clearing stuffy noses can be just the thing the doctor ordered to remedy congestion in a baby or toddler.

Innerspring and foam mattresses are quite different, familiarize yourself with the differences. The innerspring mattress is heavier, much more complex, and has more bounce to it. Remember that your baby eddie bauer pack and play reviews will be used for about a year, and perhaps even longer if the crib can convert to a small bed.

It is also very important to measure your crib and make a sketch first before defining the amount of material you are going to use. Making a sketch could mean the difference between buying enough fabric for both sides of the bumper instead of one only.

Some dogs have specific bad behavior triggers, so distract him during these times. Alternatively stated, when your pet dislikes the company of other animals, try to distract him or her whenever you encounter them out in the neighborhood. That way, the dog will start to associate good or interesting things with seeing animals that would have upset him or her in the past.

This is the biggest clue of all. Some children are naturally born climbers while others are content waiting for someone to come and get them. If your child is climbing out of the crib you definitely need a bed. You don’t want them getting hurt climbing out and falling onto the floor, or by chance getting their leg or foot caught in the crib rail and be dangling until someone hears screams!

Don’t forget window coverings. If you want a valance they run from $10-$15 and drapes range in price from $15-$25. Window coverings could just be a lace pink or white curtain if you don’t want to drag the theme into the window treatments.

Having a stuffy, congested child is exhausting for everyone. These simple remedies may do just the trick to clear a stuffy nose and help everyone in the family get a good night’s sleep.