What is your approach to life? Do you enjoy life or suffer feelings of quiet desperation? Have you become disassociated with life because of past hurts or what you feel life has done to you? Everybody approaches life in a different way. One of the most empowering ways to approach life is to see your life as a gift.

After you have a well thought out weight loss workout routine created make sure you schedule your training sessions on your calendar. Make your fat loss workout program a priority in your cycle with me to enjoy greater results.

I urge you to do this exercise while your workout lifestyle mind and body is in a relaxed and receiving state. This way you will more easily be able to open yourself up to higher levels of awareness (higher self). Do this exercise while you have alone time as well because any interruptions like family, phone calls, text messages and so on will disrupt your ability to receive the information.

The truth is you can gain muscle and strength and live a healthier lifestyle and only put in a minimum amount of effort. I’m sure you’ve agreed with everything I said until now. Next time you have one minute to yourself drop down and do five push ups. If you can only do one then do one. If you are unable to do them properly then do them on your knees or up against the wall but don’t do more than five. Try to do three sets of five your first day but spread them out. Do five when you wake up, five for lunch or when you get home from work and do five right before bed. It will literally take 20-30 seconds to do them.

According to statistics, over 50% of the people who start a fitness program give up in the first twelve months. The average person exercises less than two days per week. 96% of men admitted to skipping a workout on more than one occasion when it conflicted with some other activity.

Here’s how to judge your life. Imagine there was a giant scale and you could somehow put all of your activities that supported your desires on one side and all of your activities involving things such as purpose, responsibility, faith, etc. on the other. Which side of the scale would instantly slam to the floor drastically out weighing the other?

Rock-hard lower ab workout isn’t hard to attain if you know the techniques. Yes, it is an arduous task, but if you really desire for a great chiseled body, then every exercise session will just be a moment of fun. And the bliss will heighten as you observe the growth of your muscle mass, especially at your lower abs.