Aside from a few free samples, some cheap pens and calendars, or maybe a sweet magnet to put on your fridge, is there truly a need for pharmaceutical sales reps? The pharmaceutical industry currently employs over 100,000 drug sales reps. Despite the currently inflated number of drug sales reps, some of the major pharmaceutical companies may be moving in a new direction.

After been involved with the industry for slightly over a decade, I have observed some important points for fresh graduates to consider if they are interested in applying for a sales position. It is a fact that graduates with science background have a slight advantage over others but that is not a must; it does help but not an absolute must. I have seen recruits that come from mix education background from biomedical sciences to law.

Dan has carefully crafted a new approach to the market place, an approach that involves creating “Moments of Magic” for his customers. He has listened to their needs and is restructuring his organization to be lean and focused. The days of detailing are gone. He knows that sales reps need to move the needle on each and every call. They need to bring value to their customers and drive business forward.

Therefore your supplement should have a higher content of DHA than EPA. A ratio of about 2:1 is recommended by experts. Look for at least 250mg of DHA and 120mg of EPA.

Some sixty per cent of our brain is composed of fat, and twenty grams of that is DHA fatty acids. It has now become well known that we must consume Omega-3s for a healthy life. And as we do not consume enough fish we need a 如何購買犀利士 grade fish oil supplement taken on a daily basis.

Let me tell you something you already know – The economy STINKS! It is affecting everyone from plumbers to CEO’s. The usually recession proof pharmaceutical market has been laying off left and right! As a pharmaceutical sales recruiter, I am inundated daily with top talented sales professionals that have strong sales numbers, solid work ethic, and excellent sales ability but find themselves without a job because of the current economic climate. I’m here to help you! Whether you are a seasoned pharmaceutical sales professional or just trying to break into pharmaceutical sales, the job market for pharmaceutical reps can and will change for the better!

Once you get a clear idea about the industry you will surely get a lot of interest in the sales in pharmacy. There are lots of students who tend to ask whether the pharmaceutical sales job is a dream job or not.

There is no single set of standards that identifies an oil as pharmaceutical grade fish oil. There is the IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards), Norwegian Medicinal Standard, and many others. In fact, some companies follow their own quality standards that are even stricter than the ones set by these organizations. This kind of product should be your first choice as it would be the safest one you can get. If not that, then aim for an oil that follows the established standards at least.