Harvard has been the backdrop and subplot to many great movies. From Good Will Hunting to the ridiculous Stealing Harvard, Harvard is the setting where dreams are made and broken. Yet the story of Dawn Loggins eclipses any Hollywood plot.

21. If one of your parents is employed at a college or university you may be in luck. Many institutions allow children of employees to attend the school at greatly reduced tuition, sometimes even at no cost. These types of programs are not need based so they are open to everyone Merit Scholarship who qualifies.

Enroll in a 529 tax deferment plan. The student may be able to shop at certain stores and use their coupons to save money. A percentage of the money will go into a college savings account.

It astounds me how clueless high school seniors are when it comes to how to pay for college education. In January, when I start asking about college and https://www.nationalmeritscholarships.com plans, they many of them have made no plans or inquiries. It might be because they are used to mom and dad taking care of everything. It may be because they procrastinate, but regardless of the reason, and regardless of mom and dad’s best intentions, you may really need to take this issue into your own hands.

Share your voice. This doesn’t mean just give your opinion on things; it means let people hear your voice by being on media outlets like popular radio shows. Pay attention to radio shows that present issues you can talk about. Then show how versatile and interesting you are by being a guest on the show. Be the spokesperson for the local charity event you are working or jump into a conversation on a controversial issue. Your name and contact information will usually be mentioned giving publicity to your firm.

So you could provide the necessary scholarship to allow an Executive Director to attend my leadership training via weekly telephone conference calls and an extensive Participant Workbook. This is powerful learning that sticks because it is spread out giving them time to practice in between sessions. I have been training leaders for over 30 years. I am well qualified with a Harvard MBA, Yale, M.Div., leadership experience in both corporate and non-profit environments, and much experience as a training facilitator.

There are many different ways to finance a college education. Don’t let money stand in the way of preparing for the future. Seek out grants and scholarships that don’t have to be paid back to pave your way.