Hi there now it seems every day that goes bye there’s something else in the internet marketing field you should be using, marketing through etc and you’d certainly be forgiven for thinking “what next – I haven’t got the hours in the day”. To a degree you’d also be right because it’s very difficult weighing up where to productively spend your available time. But today all Sam & I want to do is flag yes yet another marketing opportunity that is still fairly new but growing rapidly – and if nothing else you should be aware of it, so here goes..

As marketers we treat our list as our most prized asset. Your asset is comprised of all these people who consume your content on a regular basis. Most people may have never viewed their list instagram promotion from this perspective.

Change your environment. Ambiance is everything! Get away from people or situations that bring stress to your day. A few moments walking in the park can do wonders for those seeking relief from stress.

I’m sure you’ve seen all your friend’s lovely filtered photos on social networking sites. Well, now you can create your own inspiring photos with the totally free instagram boost app. The special filters turn any photo into a visual piece of art and can be instantly uploaded to Twitter or Facebook.

E. Proofread: Read everything. Read it again and again. Read every single headline. You’ll always pickup something you need to change. See if you can reduce the text. See if you can put the content in paras. Try to add images wherever possible.

Find a hobby. Whether you like to do jigsaw puzzles put together instagram model planes or collect antiques a hobby does wonders to combat stress. It’s a great way to relax while learning more about the things that interest you.

Choose the name of your Facebook page and URL wisely! Think Brand and keywords. Once you’ve got it you can’t easily change it so be careful what you pick. Do some research and check any similar names on Facebook too. Register your page name once you have more than 25 fans.

One thing to note, if you’re protective of your pictures, choose only the ones you want to share publicly and consider adding a watermark to prevent theft.