Yet sometimes you end up leaving even further confused because there are so many different opinions on the topic! Not to mention confusing terms like HTML, CSS, PHP and auto-responders.

Reliability – It’s difficult learning about weebly web hosting if you select an unreliable host whose service is always down. Look for a 99.9% uptime guarantee when selecting a hosting provider.

It is also helpful when the company offers products in more than one market sector. For example, a company that offers high quality supplements and top of the line skin care products may be more desirable than a company that only offers supplements. This broadens your customer base. Also, preferred customers (customers who qualify for a discount but are not distributors), will often try out different products, especially if the company offers monthly specials. This, in turn, increases your monthly sales without any extra work on your part.

Use keywords for folders, image names and Alt text but don’t overdo it. e.g. /hamilton/lawyer/divorce.htm, alt=”Perth plumber” The deeper your directory structure, the less likely it will be spidered regularly.

Like the loving couple Jane and Bob, your website needs a loving partner too. It’s time to step away from the cheap “link building” campaigns. Google is now looking at how good a link is by calculating how long website visitors stay whilst at a link. It’s time to start building solid business relationships with other websites.

If you’re selling products or services, or if you’re collecting sensitive customer data (like credit card numbers) you need a secure web site – one that sends and receives data that’s encrypted so hackers can’t steal it and use it to buy and sell stolen stuff bought on the web.

In the end this is definitely something you should take a closer look at and see if it’s for you. Most people we know like the Java platform, and since Cold Fusion is easier to use it’s going to make sense. Down the road you will realize that the initial investment was well worth it.