Let’s face it, a large part of the urban population live in apartments, condos or dormitories. These are residences where space is an issue and maintaining a recycling program is not always easy to do. In today’s fast-paced world, if something is not simple and convenient, it is often lost or forgotten. We can’t let this happen to our recycling efforts. The world is too precious a resource to neglect. So, what can we do?

Attacking The Hidden Clutter First – Today you have decided to organize your huge walk-in closet, but you cannot get to it because there is so much stuff on the floor blocking the doors. Start with O2 sensor recycling the pile on the floor. Attacking the visible clutter first will produce quick results and motivate you to do more.

One good recycling project for kids is making a letter holder from old data CDs and foam. Old data CDs are hard to dispose sometimes, and so is packaging foam.

This is why, recycling plastic is very essential. If you are not yet recycling plastic in your home, now is the time to do it. Here are some tips on how to have a more effective plastic recycling program.

Each ton (2000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4000 kilowatts of energy, and 7000 gallons of water. This represents a 64% energy savings, a 58% water savings, and 60 pounds less of air pollution!

Mobile phones. Of all the gadgets we own, mobile phones are the best candidates for household recycle O2 sensors as they are the gadgets we most often thrown away after a relatively short period of use.

The main thing that you have to worry about is how they will be transported. If they have their own transportation, that is great. If not, then you may have to take on the responsibility of carting them around. Just remember that they are doing a good deed for the planet earth, and bear with them.

Consider going electronic. If you haven’t already, consider using electronic systems for managing your finances. Systems like Quicken and NeatWorks are designed to help make it easy to keep track of your finances and your financial paperwork. It’s easiest to set these systems up at the beginning of the year, rather than sometime in the middle.