If you are in a leadership position in a company and you’re not tweeting, running a blog or connecting with clients and colleagues via Twitter, LinkedIn or Fb, what are you waiting around for?

Hire a social media Digital Assistant: In the end, if you don’t feel you have time to even begin this quest, or if you’ve tried and it’s just not for you but you nonetheless want to take benefit of all the awesomeness that it can bring, hiring a social media virtual assistant is another choice and a fantastic idea.

Not all social media outlets are created equal. This might be the greatest “no duh” statement of all, but you can’t do the same issues on Facebook that you can do on Twitter. You can’t run a YouTube channel the exact same way you produce a songs profile on MySpace.

They don’t have a plan and just post when they have time or feel like it. There is no consistency or general strategy on why they are even posting in the initial place. They also tend to begin and stop their social media strategies when life or other business ‘busyness’ gets in the way.

Brand your self in the market. But make sure that you focus on the See and Feelings people have of you and experience when they think of you and what you do- and not just some catchy slogan or icon.

Right about now you’re probably freaking at the believed of handling a constellation of Social Media websites. Established down the valium. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Registering for all these sites can consume up an whole working day. But you can populace those sites in 1 fell swoop by using a website like Ping.fm. Ping allows you to post and deliver a message one time via its interface – then Ping automatically posts your message on the dozens of Social Media websites where you’ve opened accounts.

These are the leading 10 mistakes people will make in Social Media in 2009. Yes, i Know there are others- but these are the types that i see as the most prevalent in Social Media advertising.