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Their dad was not in his right mind and not happy at the early termination of his super bowl party. He called me several swear words in his loudest voice, screamed at me to get out of his house, and hovered over me, threatening to hit me. Clearly I am a secondhand addict- an innocent person drastically affected by someone else’s addiction.

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I tried out a whole lot of polls sites, but Poll Monkey seems like the best. They have a free option which has minimal branding, or you can pay $9 a month for a few extra features and no branding. They also let you run multiple polls at once, create whole quizzes AND you can customise the look and feel of the poll completely.

Lastly when you have made your choice, try to haggle with the vendor a bit. A small discount is still a discount. Some stores value their customers so much that they are willing to offer a 5 – 10 percent price-off to simply make a sale. The effort you have sown will surely not go to waste when you’re holding and enjoying the benefits of getting the good budget HD camcorder you have always wanted.