It’s not enough to register a domain name, you need to find a server so you can pay about $10 per month to host your files, such as your WordPress blog, your download pages, or shopping carts. There are a few factors to look for in a webhost because there are so many to choose from.

Reliability should be the main focus when looking for a web host. The host that you’re considering should have a guarantee uptime of ninety-nine percent. If your host is not reliable then you’re losing traffic to your web site that you have worked so hard on obtaining. One way of finding out if the host is reliable is by going to a search engine and searching for reviews for that host. If people are giving positive reviews about this hosts uptime then is probably a reliable host, but the only true way will be to test for yourself after you find these reviews.

To register a domain name, simply go to your registrar of choice and search for available domain names. You’ll be able to easily register the domain once you find one that you like and is available. The registration usually costs around $10/year.

Today you have a variety of options to create eye catching blogs. Many of these options are free, or take little money. Designing your own free site is quick and easy. The downfall is that many times it may look unprofessional. Many other owners may have the same template, or your blog will look like someone else’s and will leave you feeling a bit disappointed. Do you really want your house on your block to look the same as your neighbor’s house? Saving a buck is not always the best option. Once you have saved money on hosting, you have really lost money on your blog site because you will be looked over or missed; you have nothing that stands out to your readers.

Ensure that they have good support. It means that they are available when you need them, they can help to solve your problems, they are contactable via the online chat/telephone. There are some companies with online chat support, but most of the time, they are either not online or they take a very long time to reply you. What is even worse is that they are not contactable at all!

With my 5 years experience in web hosting, having tried many A2 hosting review companies, some that are very cheap, some that are expensive and some that are totally not efficient and reliable at all. There are many cheap web host around, but always remember to do a check on them first before joining them.

One of the best free internet marketing tips that you will ever be given is to start your work from home business while you are still employed. This will give you a safety cushion and you livelihood will not be completely dependent upon the immediate success of your new business. This will also give you a bit of cash that you can invest into your business to build traffic and pay for advertising campaigns. Making money with no money can be done, but it is so much easier when you can invest to get things rolling.

But that’s not all When you go through their Terms of service you will not be surprised when they show forced advertisements on your page, or do anything else that you do disagree with. so always read the terms of service!