We all have printers at home and at the office but often they tend to die on us when we need them the most. It is not uncommon for you to spend all night working on an assignment and then suddenly the printer stops working in the morning and you are stuck. Your tech guy is either on a vacation or is not responsive at the hour and you need immediate Onsite printer repair. What do you do now? It’s simple, you repair it yourself. More than often printers simply malfunction due to some sort of software or hardware defect that can be solved very easily. All you need is some basic knowledge about printers and how they work.

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Another important printer driver download software addition is the Accounting Manager software. This allows users to track long-term printing costs on a job by job basis. You no longer have to make an educated guess as to how much ink was used on a print job to help determine your final cost.

Make sure that you have a good extraction that removes that rubber dust from the machine as it has a very strong smell when cutting and engraving the rubber.

First gather info- is there an error message? Any recent changes? Who used it last? Is everything install correctly? Does it have what it needs? If it does print, how is the quality? Does it print slow? Is my configuration correct? copystar drivers installed? etc…

Note: Although APFill can try and figure out ink/toner coverage from a screenshot, to be quite honest, as most applications present a “prettied up” version of the document on screen which is often widely different in terms of “print” coverage, this method is best avoided and I would therefore only ever use the coverage calculated from a PDF.

You can even experiment with your printer driver software. The driver interface pops up when you print, allowing you to adjust the resolution and color settings (the driver usually chooses these settings automatically). Tinkering with these setting can often produce a higher-quality photo print.