You are currently experiencing irregular periods, hot flashes, temporary memory or concentration outages, mood swings and irritability, anxiety attacks, weight gain and loss of libido. Your age is between 35 to 45 years. There are times when you are depressed – not suicidal, but thinking of death and how it revolves around you. Therefore, you conclude that you are suffering from perimenopause.

Very few but keep the bath immaculately clean. Because dilation of blood vessels is involved, occasionally dizziness or palpitations can occur though this is very uncommon. If you have any problems with rapid heartbeat be aware of this problem and ensure someone is near at hand that can assist.

The alternative therapy uses a proven method to turn the acidic nature of the body to alkalinity. This helps to weaken the cancer cells and restore sound health to the body. How does Alternative therapy achieve this?

#6 Another option is using vitro fertilization process. This process is where an egg is removed from the female and is mixed with the sperm inside of the laboratory. Once the egg and sperm mixture is about two to three days old and when an embryo is formed, it is then placed inside of the woman’s uterus. This way, the embryo to grow into a fetus.

Apple cider vinegar is another home remedy for fibroids. It is รับผลิตยาบำรุงสตรี believed to dissolve fibroids. If you take a shot class of apple cider vinegar every day it should help a lot.

Hot water bottle: Application of hot water bottle or a heat pad to the lower abdomen may help in this condition. Be sure the bottle is not too hot else it can cause burns.

Medications: Medications like pain killers, non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, some contraceptive pills or antibiotics may be prescribed by the doctor.