Of course the first tip I thought of was on article distribution. Over the years most have relied on submitting their articles to article directories. This process has always been done in one of three ways. Many would choose either to submit their articles manually or use an article submitter software or a distribution service. Things have changed since then.

The key is to get your expertise in front of as many editors and publishers as possible, as quickly as possible. A leaflet distribution gets your articles to all of the important places much faster than if you do it by hand. You know the truth: time is money.

Video is a great way to let your customers really get to know you. It is a great way to build relationships with your audience, rather than remaining an unknown entity behind a web page. Many marketers find that they get the best feedback, interaction and audience response when they use videos. Not only do you make a personal connection with your visitors, but video also helps you build your brand. The content, look, style and reliability of your video content sets the tone for you and the services or products you promote. So if you want to explode your traffic and increase the number of searchers who find your offers, you have to integrate video into your marketing.

Your article 100% across the board is the worst thing that you can hope for. On the surface, it may seem good, because you have that many more links. But, these “mirror” sites with 100% the same content will come back to bite you in the arse. They will hurt your SEO rankings in the end, because these sites will be penalized by the search engines, AND the articles on those sites may be hurt as well.

By this time you already know a lot about the company and how they are going to do the job. Now its time to ask how do they make sure the job is done. How do they make sure what are promising to you is actually done in reality also. Almost all companies have back checking systems. Some companies have really good systems and some don’t but its very important that you ask them about it.

Attendees may come up with valid points that you have not thought of before and maybe you might need a little more time to research those points before proceeding on an action that would affect other peoples’ lives. Feedback positive or negative is very important for everyone concerned.

This tip goes back to the beginning of the internet and before with news papers and magazines. People who are searching keywords on the internet are looking for information and answers to questions. When your article sits at the top of Google for a keyword phrase return. Be sure to provide good solid answers or interesting content relating to the search, for the web surfer to read. Do not give them all of the answers as to entice them to click on your link for more information.