The auto industry is thrashing around now because of the massive downturn in sales, but it has been going through a change for the last five years regardless of economic conditions. One big change that has been made and is finally showing up in showrooms is the clean diesel revolution.

Attach the new hangers to the parts, and bolt them onto the underside of the car from the front of the car. Do not tighten the bolts all the way. This step will wait until after all your pieces are fitted together. Fit the pieces together with the use of new gaskets. This will ensure your new exhaust is free of leaks. After all the relevant pieces are fitted together correctly and securely, you can start tightening down each section from manifold to tailpipe. Make sure the bolts are tight.

All I needed was a proper conversion guide. I was up and running on water fuel which was making my car 57% more efficient. All convert car to water kits are entirely safe. The modern gas powered car is amazingly inefficient and nearly as safe.

CONSUMPTION RATE – The gasoline consumption rate for every mass-produced car has been carefully ‘designed in’ as a market asset. As an indication, simply observe how quickly and closely ALL the local different gas stations adjust their prices. Even the hybrid cars which use electric motors still consume a designed amount of gasoline and their price tags are catalytic converter recyclers prohibitively high.

It is not absolutely required, but it is a good idea. The factory by-pass valve is prone to failure, and an aftermarket BOV is probably a wise investment for preventing turbo damaging compressor surge. And it sounds cool too. However, it must be noted that if you still have the factory mass-air flow sensor, a blow-off valve, which is vented to the atmosphere, may cause stumbling between shifts.

Another factor is that auto technicians usually have thousands of dollars invested in expensive tools and diagnostic equipment. What’s more, they often need to invest in new tools and equipment that are more effective for resolving certain problems. This, too, is reflected in the amount they charge per hour.

Record profits for those selling the gas is not my idea of helping out. So I built my own hydrogen generator and did it for less than $65. It only took a couple of days and all the parts to build it were found locally. I have seen about a 40% increase in gas mileage but there are those who have increased theirs by 100%.