Blog, or web log, is not merely a personal communication tool or online diary any more. But do you think that people can really make money with blogs? The answer is yes. Increasing number of business has already used blog in various ways to make money out of it. Blogging in the right way not only can increase your authority on the net, but also increase your market value in the area you are blogging on. And more and more businesses are claimed that, they have created a new stream of business income and business opportunities come continuously just by blogging.

A useful blog is simple and to the point. It is suggested that a maximum number of words for a blog should be somewhere around 250. If you go beyond this, you are going to lose the readers’ interest. Remember, if they wanted to read an essay, they wouldn’t be reading a blog, they’d be reading an essay. Keeping it short and sweet also allows you to get your point across with just enough information that it leaves the reader wanting a little more. In turn, this opens the blog up to discussion.

Content capture. My website can be a terrific place to capture stories and ideas for future scrapbook pages. I often take journaling straight from my blog! Everything’s there already, just ripe for the pickin’s. All I have to do is print out photos and I’m good to go. In an interview, scrapbook superstar Ali Edwards told me she often does this same thing, using her blog as a holding ground of sorts until she can create the layout. Brilliant!

Another alternate method of directing traffic to your online blog is by the use of social bookmarking. Should you be highly ranked on well-known bookmarking websites, you may direct higher numbers of visitors to your sites.

There are those people who seem to think that lifestyle blogs comment boxes are the perfect place to advertise useless products and services. Now, with bloggers cracking down on these sneaky folks, comments are becoming more and more sophisticated and, well, sneaky.

So at Stylerug we thought of why not exploring the market a little and make a list of few top fashion blogs in India, which we think you must read, but of course when you are done reading our content lol.

Another way to attract visitors towards your blog is to invite other bloggers to link your posts. Your posts must offer empathy, compassion, honesty and authority, because these are the demands of all visitors. A successful blog is a combination of informative contents and your skills. You have to spend time to get ultimate success.