An upgrade from the A81E model, the Witstech A81G sports some impressive new features that will make this one of the more popular android tablets. Some of the upgrades include a capacitive touch screen, Android 2.2 OS, Bluetooth and a removable battery.

At its most extreme, this covers virtually every PC that won’t boot. At one time they did boot and now they don’t – that’s IUTWANID. Less severe examples include the sound suddenly disappearing from games or not being able to connect to the wireless network anymore.

Windows 7 system has a default administrator account that is created during the installation of Windows 7 or setup already for you on a OEM (ex: Dell) computer. By default, the built-in administrator account is named Administrator, and is disabled. Log as that account you will have complete access to the computer and can make any desired changes and will not be prompted by UAC.

Windows Live Writer is available for free for users of Microsoft Windows XP and Vista, as part of their Windows Live service. Sadly, it does not run on Linux PCs or Macs, even through Wine or Crossover. However, if you have a copy of Windows running in virtualization through Parallels, Xen or VMWare, you can install it on that and then use it as normal.

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After you install it, you will notice that everything loads faster even on a weaker system. Many people have been able to run Windows Ultimate Lite 5 smoothly on a PC with only 512 MB. That is unheard of on any other normal version of Windows Vista. Under certain circumstances, you can also install the Windows Vista Aero Glass theme with a PC that only has 256 MB of RAM. That is pushing it to the limit, but again you have to realize that doing such is absolutely impossible on the normal versions of Windows Vista.