There are many pet owners who buy pet food based on the price of the food. Most cheap products available in the market have less protein and more filler. If you have a cat then make sure the food that you give has high protein content and proper nutrients.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The cost of owning a cat can sometimes match the cost of owning a dog. Certainly, did walkers expect to be paid $500 a month, while cat walkers… well, there is no such thing. When it comes to healthcare though, cats get just as expensive as dogs and they can cost at least $1000 a year to take care of. And outdoor cats can unfortunately come by far more injuries than indoor cats do. Let’s add all expenses up to see how much it can end up costing you to own a cat.

Assuming that rare is not your forte, wet food is a great alternative. If canned food is your choice, make sure that it is specifically designed for overweight cats. Contrary to popular belief, wet food can be just as fattening as dry food. Balanced nutrition is one of the most overlooked reasons for a cat to be past-husky. Canned cat food may be just as unbalanced as anything else. See more about balanced nutrients and how important it is.

Back from my digression! Action, I banned commercial food, both wet and dry, and returned to my mother’s way of caring for and feeding the cats. I now source and prepare my own cat food. To date our two new cats are both over 20 years old, happy, active and still hunting. My vet’s bills are almost zero and I save money by NOT going to the pet store.

This is not High Protein Cat Food exhaustive list; however it contains the most common signs. Now let’s look at what can be done to protect your pet before it is too late.

I strongly suggest changing your cat’s diet over a minimum of a week to get it used to the new food. You will need to mix a little of the new food in with what your cat normally eats and slowly increase this. Once your cat is happily eating a mix of majority new food, you can stop adding in the old food. Of course you can feed your cat a homemade diet but speak to your vet about the best way to do this.

There are many articles you can read that are on the web under Cat Nutrition. If you want to do further research, I would suggest that you read as many articles as you can so you can be an educated shopper. Educate yourself enough so you can make the best decision for your cat’s nutritional needs by buying the right food for your special feline.