If you feels that your brick and mortar store doesn’t bring in a sufficient income one way of boosting its sales is to give it the support of its own website. These days’ people don’t have time to go to many shops in order to find their requirements. Instead, they will go to the internet and from there they will either order online or visit the exact shop to buy their requirements. They will be back home in a short while. In such an environment it is essential for you to have a website to boost your business.

Remember this when posting something important on your site: High and far-left. This is how people read, from left to right, so having the most important parts of your site located at the top of your site and on the left will ensure that your visitors see and read this before anything else on your website.

The easiest way to learn web site design, or what I call layout, is to simply go to other sites in your niche and see what they look like. The reason I say, in your niche, is because every niche has its own look. If you were to go to sites that feature heavy metal bands, you would find that the overall look of these sites is a lot different from sites that feature treatments for health problems. So you want to get a general feel for what your kind of site should look like. This is not to say that you copy somebody’s design exactly. Simply use it as a model.

Relevant content is one thing, but putting it in a legible way on your website design is also important. Many web design er in an effort to be overtly creative use new fonts and colors for the content, which might not be supported by the visitors browser, and the net result would be that your content is not readable to the visitor and you lose out there. So, use standard fonts and color that go with the theme of your web design company in bangalore. Make sure that it is easily readable and good to follow.

Anchor points – users don’t read content, they scan it. So put anchor points or fixed markers to guide the users through the contents of the page. If you have a product to sell, guide the users to the product page with pricing mentioned in clear letters.

Stay on top of your maintenance. Maintenance includes updating all the information on your site as often as time allows. The more frequent the better. With the internet, often times when information is a few days old, it’s too old. Be timely.

Basic tips for small business website are just the tip of the iceberg. You should also have to provide correct contact information plus regular updating w.r.t. your products; which I already explain in detail in my earlier articles. Web design can make or break your business. So always remember to create a site that is appealing and easy to navigate.