There many tedious tasks we must perform each and every day in order for our websites to make money. Writing content and picking up back links are the only way to gain free traffic from the search engines and it takes time to complete each task. There are plenty of helpful tools and software around the Internet that you can use to make these tasks much easier on yourself. Here are six that I use most often.

If you have text links that direct people to your site, but will not lead potential customers to you, or use the keywords you want to show up on Google for, what good is the link?

Make sure you have the tool set to ‘exact’ searches per month (over on the right) and you are picking searches which have around 500-100 searches a month – to make it worth your while.

Page Rank tools: This is a broad category with many tools under this umbrella. The page Keyword Rank checker tool is a simple tool to check your rank and also some versions provide the rank of the competition as well. There are some additional nifty tools like the Google dance tool and the future page checker tool.

Keywords, are search words that the web browser (potential customer) enters when looking for something i.e. knowledge or product. Keyword phrases are words that match your keywords but are longer than 1 or two words e.g: keyword: fish tank: keyword phrase: salt water fish tank supplies.

#1 Write great content and visitors will love you! If you don’t have unique content or always keep the Keyword Rank Checker Tool same old information even people find you they will not stay.

With the Internet searcher relying on the search engine to produce results for their queries, I would hope that you would want to be a part of the results that show up if the subject happens to be information that you can offer to them?

While knowing where you stand with your keywords is important, so is taking steps to improve your traffic. Make sure that you do, in fact, have relevant key words integrated into your site. You will need to have metatags for your site as well. By doing so, you will give yourself a significant leg up by helping search engines find you and know what your site is all about. Choose the best meta-descriptions and relevant keywords, and you will have taken a massive leap in the right direction.