I love reading Inspirational quotes about life. I read them a lot. I have memorized some quotes. I have placed them on my office desk and I have hung them on my bedroom wall as well.

First: “How To” My collection. These are very popular (and I love writing them.) People go online to search for a solution to a specific problem. If you can give it to them (and maybe link to a problem-solving product) then you’re made. “How To Lose Weight Fast” is an attention grabber, no matter how many similar articles someone may have read already. If you are weight conscious, this will grab your attention.

Second: “Tips”. Again, I love lists, and I love lists of tips – “Top Ten Tips for…”, “Eight Tips That Teach…..” and so on. The great thing is, these articles write themselves. Just jot down snippets of information related to a particular topic over the week, and by Saturday you’ll find that your ‘Tips’ article is ready to roll. Some people say that you need to have more than five tips in an article, but I disagree. If they tips are meaty, then “Three Red Hot Tips To Drop Those Pounds” will be a must-read.

Ok, this is where we talk about money. Coaching is an investment in your future. With any investment you make you need to ensure that it’s the right one for you.

To think that just by writing about what you’re interested in can also serve as one of the best marketing practices online is quite motivating. I do it just about everyday. You’ll find that after you force yourself to do it, you have this gnawing, craving sensation that keeps you blasting away at the keyboard for many hours at a time. You can easily lose yourself to your writing pursuits, and it just plain feels good. It’s creativity in its finest hour.

Put yourself in the position of your future self. Go forwards to a point in time after you have achieved your goal. What do you see, what do you hear, and what do you feel now you have achieved it? Get real specific here, and then “act as if” you had already achieved it. (Note – this is within your current situation, not to go out and spend like you are rich if you know you are not!!) Examples of this are thinking about what conversations you have with people, decisions you make, clothes that you wear. What will people notice about you that is different?

I was ready to go back, and this was before all the depression had set in. I was depressed, but the real the serious depression would not begin until a little over a year later. We started going to this small church on a hill close to where I live. The people there were friendly and inviting. The Pastor was a God filled holy man of God. Over the next year, I became a regular attendee and the Pastor became my friend. Things were actually looking well from a spiritual standpoint. Then I injured my back and was in such pain I basically was home bound for a long while, and I stopped attending church.

The past does not exist, the future does not exist. Only this moment now exists. This moment right now, as you sit at your computer reading this. Right now there is just you and I. Everything that happens from here onwards will be sculpted by this moment. By the action you take right now. Have a quick look around and be “present”. Eckhart Tolle talks about this in his book “The Power of Now”. It is fantastic book and discusses the impact of negative thoughts too. I highly recommend it.