The inner city is defined as inside the Beltline also known as 440. There is a second loop being built starting in the northern part of the city called 540. Most of the roads in the city run north/south or east/west. It is recommended that you either use a map when trying to locate attractions as the city sprawls across such a large area.

For example, think of the immense shopping possibilities that you have in front of you. No matter where you like to shop or what kinds of things you like to shop for, you can always find somewhere you would like to stay for a great weekend away that is nice and close to the shops. Think about the West End for example, or the posh stores around Kensington. You can easily find a London Kensington hotel that will put you on the doorstep of some of the best shops in town.

Lake Johnson is another fine hiking choice. The trail around the full size animatronic dinosaur complete lake is about five and one half miles. In season black berries can be found on the West side of the lake. The park facilities at the lake include paddle boat and small sail boats. The hike around the lake is in the woods along a paved trail for most of the trip. There is a brief portion of the trail opened to the lake.

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, 9pm) – NEW! A state department employee and a plastic surgeon are killed by terrorists whose faces were surgically altered, and the team tries to find the only witness who can identify their new faces.

Have you ever seen the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation? Now you can experience it first hand at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Walk into a crime scene and find clues, then take them to the lab and analyze them. Finally, submit a report to Gil Grissom himself. Are you right? Only Grissom knows!

Three favorites are Shelley Lake off Millbrook Rd., Lynn Lake off Lynn Rd. and Lake Johnson off Avent Ferry Rd. Each of these has excellently maintained pathways and a variety of wildlife. At Shelley and Lynn, many people just go down to feed birds.

When someone is wondering what to do in Kensington London, they will be delighted with the options. There is a vast assortment of shopping, and places to explore and visit. This community is rich with royal sites and attraction places, for anyone to walk through and discover. A good idea for a traveler, is to arrange activities ahead of time. When someone plans out what they want to do while visiting, they can ensure that tickets and tour times are well thought out. The right holiday and vacation will begin with a great plan of places to see and things to do.