If the moon is full and you are having a candle lit dinner with your loved one, it is certainly a beautiful moon but if you are trying to get some sleep and the dogs are barking all night at that full moon, then you might look at that same moon with frustration and wish it were gone. It is you, not the moon that has changed. The moon is just the screen onto which you project your mind.

Evolution is also the answer to pain, suffering, and disappointment. In the face of challenge we ask, what is the benefit of this situation? Where have I done that to people? What am I learning here? If they are doing this to me – and nobody does more to me than I do to myself – then where am I doing it to myself? This is what we call growth.

Enjoy nature. Living by the beach is a convenient way to enjoy nature. There’s always a chance you can see a dolphin, rare seashells, and critters. There are also jellyfishes, crabs, and even birds. You can spend all day looking and exploring to find different sea creatures. After, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset by the beach. Ain’t life grand?

OK, don’t judge this one without hearing it out completely. Repeated failure is never positive, but failing itself is one of the 5 fundamentals of motivation. Without failing, you will never be able to gather enough experience to succeed. No achievement in human history was a one shot deal – everything had a slow start and a gradual or sudden success. In between, it was the trials, errors, and failures that led to victory.

Looking around you house or neighborhood can also help in designing your yard. You may see different color patterns that can be applied to your design. Your house may attribute circular motifs that can be repeated in the yard. Neighboring pine trees may create triangular shapes that can be imitated in the ground plane. Colors in the bricks may provide Inspiration boards for colors for pavers and other hard surfaces.

To Evolve is to see two sides to everything. You can move to balance beyond emotional drama, simply by choosing not to react or blame. You evolve before you make choices, you turn up for your relationship with a good heart by accepting responsibility for your judgments and always moving those emotional impressions, to balanced impressions.

It can be hard to come up with ideas, and it will always be time consuming to figure out which ideas work. By using other websites for inspiration, you can get a number of proven ideas quickly, which can be added to, deleted, or modified to suit your site. Be they colors, graphics, layout, even code, you can take advantage of the results created by others to help you figure out what you want your result to be. Used properly, as a single step in the process, this technique can only improve the finished work. But used as the process itself, and you end up with an easily-ignored impersonation of an already successful competitor.