Nora Roberts is one of the best romance writers today. Her stories are full, her characters are rich, and her books always keep her readers wanting more. The final book in her Key Trilogy, Key of Valor, is yet another triumph for this wonderful author.

I don’t know when Liam Neeson became an action star, but this is the perfect vehicle for his world-weary badassery, as he plays an oil worker struggling for survival in the Arctic after a plane crash. Bleak and fatalistic, but very entertaining.

I think it just may be easier in the end to adjust to my life alone rather than this awful rollercoaster ride of anticipation expectation, and disappointment. It’s not like I am really alone. I have a son in Alaska – he loves it there, though for the life of me I cannot fathom why. We email and Skype and see each other occasionally. There is my best friend, Lindy. There are lots of friends, co-workers, family – but that is not the same as having a man to share my life with. I really want a man, and I am about ready to give up – No, I did not say that. Sadie never gives up, although it may be time.

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Before getting one, make sure that you have the time and resources to take care of these creatures. If you are away from home for extended periods, check if you can bring your pet to work or maybe hire a pet-sitter. These may sound trivial but even if they’re animals, they deserve our love too.

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