Fashion Jewelry or Costume Jewelry is jewelry created specifically for fashion. This means that you will have specific pieces of jewelry to match specific fashion outfits. Costume jewelry started out in the 1930s as a cheap, disposable accessory, Its purpose is solely for fashion as opposed to real jewelry that has intrinsic value or could be an heirloom, or something that was received on a special occasion such as engagement or wedding. Costume jewelry is made from cheaper materials such as glass plastics and base metals, instead of more valuable materials like gold and gems (Wikipedia).

Wholesale Women Fashion Jewelry Store boxes can be found in some really unique materials. Stained glass is one of them. These can be extremely beautiful to look at but are quite fragile. Boxes made of Mother-of-Pearl are also gorgeous and make wonderful gifts.

Essential to anybody buying jewelry for reclamation purposes is really a pocket-sized gram and carat scale. While a scale cannot figure out the purity of the gold and silver you encounter in your jewelry hunting, a pocket scale can at least provide you with a basic beginning point to determine fair pricing and valuing of one’s jewelry finds.

If you’ve always sold necklaces, bracelets and earrings, try test marketing a few related items such as beaded watches, anklets, beaded rings, beaded hairsticks etc. One of my best selling items is a beaded hairstick that I market to hair salons. The trick is to make sure that these have the same signature look as the rest of your collection.

Do not give for Christmas a gift Cheap Jewelry like a subscription to a fitness center or a shop in maintaining silhouette unless you know for sure that she really wants something like that She might think that you consider her fat. Most men should know, especially those who have learned the correct answer to the question “Do I look fat in these pants?”.

Bridesmaid dresses are cheaper in their off-season. For example, if the wedding is planned for the summer and the bride wants a summer style dress, go dress shopping in the fall, as soon as the summer ends, about a year or so before the wedding. Or, shop for summer dresses during the winter, as the dresses will be cheaper during this time. This applies to all dresses and their respective season, such as buying winter season dresses during the summer. Off-season style dresses are normally discounted, so shop around for deals.

You need to regularly clean your silver jewelry. You need to not let it get black or gray. An inexpensive, and simple, method to successfully clean your jewelry is to brush your pieces just like you would your personal teeth. Just place a little of toothpaste onto a dry cloth and rub. Clean in no time.