Should children have chores? Chores can play a vital role in the growth of a child. Chores lay the foundation of how to live in society as a productive and contributing member of society. Children should not however, be made to do chores just in spite of them, but instead to instill these good work ethics. Children should understand the importance of a chore and the affect it has on the entire family. Also, children should be given rewards and privileges based on the completion of them.

The backgrounds have great designs on them such as katter, flowers, butterflies, polka dots, stripes, stars, random patterns; the list goes on and on. Whichever you choose you will love the fact that your Twitter page is personalized and suits your perfectly.

The Magi were probably well respected, educated, and wealthy. However, there is no indication that they were kings. Herod, in his insecurity, would probably have made it clear they were kings upon their visit to his palace.

For example you may wish to travel more, see parts of the world that offer great wonders or different cultures. Unfortunately you do not earn enough money to do this.

Tina and Josh were gracious enough to give me some inside look into their ‘double life’: Tina is a writer: I can work from everywhere, providing I have my lap-top and electricity…why would I stay in the heat of Arizona during the summer?

You can get there by car, bus or bike and the parking is free. You can enter via Zoo Place just off Park Boulevard, which is located in Balboa Park, close to downtown San Diego.

So, whatever the weather, come rain or come shine, I hope you all have a wonderful Earth Day this year. I know that it’s not the kind of national holiday that gets you the day off of work (we live for days like), but I still hope you have fun!