Knowledge of the health benefits found in the ingredients of the aloe vera plant have been known for centuries. The ancient Egyptians may have used its gel as a beauty aid to revitalize aging skin. It was held in high regard by the Jewish people during the reign of King Solomon. Today information about its healing ability is found throughout the internet. The cosmetics industry use ingredients from the plant to make creams which are used to make the skin more smooth and reduce wrinkles. It is grown and cultivated in many countries for just this purpose.

Nori is completely edible and is actually used in many different types of food. The most common of these uses is as a wrap for sushi. So if you have ever eaten sushi you have already tried Nori. The second most common use is for it to be toasted and flavored and eaten in the same way that we eat potato chips.

Richard Leigh, M.D., a retired physician in Fort Collins Colorado states even though antacids make your stomach feel better they are not healthy. Taking antacids could interfere with the natural digestive process. They could destroy your ability to absorb nutrients. Over-the-counter antacid contains excessive sodium, aluminum, magnesium and calcium. Over a period of time, this could cause a mineral imbalance.

Knife. A sharp knife is essential to every survival kit. Make sure to use a good magnesium gel quality knife and keep it sharp. There is some debate regarding folding knives vs. sheath knives, but as long as you are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of both, either will suffice.

Chia is easily digested and assimilated. Unlike flax seeds, which are also high in nutrient density, chia seeds can be eaten whole and do not need to be ground.

Sodas have a surprising amount of sugar, and some of the artificial sweeteners can actually make some people hungrier when they drink them. “Plain Water” may be too boring for some people, which makes it harder to stay hydrated, or more difficult to move away from sodas. Fruit juices often have lots of calories, but aren’t filling.

Thus skin cleansing is very much vital for a healthier and cleaner skin. From this article one should understand the necessity for cleansing the skin daily.