Pinterest was essentially a site for women to share images of products and projects. This site has overtime become one of the most active social networks online and that makes it a perfect spot for you to promote your business. You can be creative and visually share your ideas here and earn a profit. The people that frequent this site love to repin and share others photos from all different types of categories. The key to social networking is to maintain balance. You have to balance the three key things which are making money, social networking, and self-promotion in order to be successful.

So, really, right now in this world, we have the biggest advantage of becoming a successful internet marketer (or entrepreneur). And it is all up to you on whether you want to take that advantage or not. Remember that as you pass up on this opportunity, other people are gaining from it as fast as you pass it up.

Don’t use long, complicated URLs with unnecessary parameters and session ID’s. Instead, try using simple URLs that clearly represent what is on your website.

You can post your Pin to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously. Make sure you click these options when Pinning. This creates content on all of your social media sites and can help drive traffic between them.

Eighth, and most important, use My Pinterest profile as a way to build authority for your website, YouTube channel, videos and boards. This is the 35th most visited domain in the world.

You can easily learn how to create your own fan pages for your business on Facebook. And in your fan pages, you can also learn how to create apps where your fans or friends can just click on it and instantly gets access or opts-in to your web or capture page. Facebook does provide helpful instructions on how to do this.

You can email Pins to people. If someone isn’t on Pinterest and you want them to see a Pin, simply click the email link and send it to them directly. You can also cut and paste the web address.