Toss – Any item that cannot be of use to someone else should be tossed or recycled. For instance, any items that are torn, broken, or stained would probably need to be tossed or recycled. Call your local recycling center to see what products they accept for recycling. If, however, the space you are organizing doesn’t contain any items suitable for recycling…consider the next step.

There are a number of ways in which you can look for the right kind of reputable local charities. This could be one that your family and friends may support. It could be something that you happened to stumble across and found worthy of a donation. You could also research online for a number of organizations that are well placed and in need of donations. You could also ask around for the lesser known ones who often need all the help they can get.

First, have your mission statement in front of you. Have all of the copy in the brochure be reflective of your mission statement. It tells the reader that you are serious about your cause while also giving a clear vision as to what your organizations plans to fix.

Think relationships first and money second. Do not ever directly spam or solicit anyone. This is just plain bad business. Be a better networker by setting the example of how business should be done. Seek to make and form connections and relationships with other networkers. Contribute to their blog, interview them, help them, pass referrals and in short, do anything you can to help them be successful.

There are well over 200 bingo operators in Georgia today. Georgians grossed over $35,000,000 in revenues for its Bingo operators in 2005, for an average of around $130,000 per operation. Georgians won over $20,000,000 in prizes over the same span. Georgian charities saw $1.5 in proceeds from the Bingo industry.

Bear in mind here that in our example, we’re assuming you’re working with a good company that charges low fees and actually obtains good interest rate concessions from all of your creditors. Even with the best of credit counselors you’re still looking at a year Charitable Non Profit Organizations program to pay off your debts.

Donor Thoughts/Suggestions: No. No. No. I use Microsoft Outlook. I never use paper calendars. If I tell you I’m going to buy your calendar and put it up on my wall, you should interpret that as “I think my grandmother will love it” or “I’m throwing this away when you leave”.

There are ways to do this. Now the fact is, a church is a non-profit organization, so to get around that, it may be more necessary to have the people of the group prosper, and then they can give more in tithes and offerings. Or, a good financial planner may be able to set up a system within the 501 (c)3 rating. The question is not whether it is possible to gain cash flows, the question is more… how to do it to remain within the laws, policies, and restrictions on churches. Again, it may be more practical to have a prosperous congregation that understands the value of tithing and giving to the Lord’s work.