Well, Costa Rica is a good destination for everybody. Kids will have a lot of fun seeing animals like monkeys, sloths, toucans and weird insects. Couples can find a piece of paradise for their honeymoon. It is one of the number one destination for celebrating weddings at the beach, between tropical rain forest and luxury hotels. And for sure, retired are very welcome and they will find very good services and help if needed. The temperature is warm all year-long and it seems that hurricane sand tropical storms ignored the country. The best time to travel during “dry season” is from December to May. But the rest of the year is really nice too, just has a little bit more rain.

There are children who are amazed by the history of the place. If you want to learn the culture of Mexico, you will find that Puerto Vallarta has many places that you can visit. The Plaza Principal is a must see for people who wants to see Mexican families spending time together. During weekends, there are some musicians entertaining the crowd.

One of the best assets of this resort city is its water activities and beaches. For instance, your children will surely love the array of sea life that you can see when going to Los Arcos. For people who love to snorkel and dive saint lucia, they can find the underwater richness of Mexico in the underwater cave of Los Arcos. There are no shortages of fishes in this area of Mexico all year round. If you or your kids don’t want to get wet, you can rent a boat with a glass bottom which is a good alternative to swimming with the fishes.

Check BCs so that you and your buddy know where each other’s inflation and deflation points are, and ensure that they are working. Do the same for drysuits, if worn.

Beaches are not just about fun activities though. Others will find it enough to unwind by the beachside and gaze at the beauty of nature. Some will try to get a tan, or just read a book while watching their family having fun.

We ended up doing Devil’s Grotto which had some nice coral formations. The maximum depth was about 46 feet with a water temperature of about 80 degrees. The visibility was even better than what we experienced in Key Largo just a few days prior. There was a very nice large swim through tunnel and several smaller ones throughout the site. Inside the large tunnel, we saw a large resident tarpon. The fish life including parrotfish, groupers and tangs was healthy at this shore dive and it is interesting to note that it even exists so close to the cruiseships. Other divers said they saw some turtles too.

Mask fogging is a very common inconvenience, and is caused by oils on the mask’s lens allowing moisture to bead. The traditional way to prevent fogging is to rub saliva onto the inside of the lens glass, then lightly rinse clear, before putting on the mask for a dive. Anti-fogging sprays are also available.