The second way to go is to find a border you like and paint the top half of your wall green and the bottom half blue and when the paint is dry use the border like a chair rail to cover where the two colors meet. What borders do I pick? Well that goes along with the theme and we will address that shortly.

I think it is important to mark out where each button will go so that you do not loose sight of the overall picture as you work along on each button. Do this with a pencil or color pencil. You vintage buttons will cover the marks up.

A single shoe by itself doesn’t put out much odor, but a bunch of them can smell up a house in no time. Before tossing those shoes in the closet, sprinkle a little baking soda inside. Cheaper yet, store those shoes with a crumpled up newspaper inside to absorb the odor.

The easiest change to make is color. If you are not going to change your cabinets and counter tops then you of course need to make sure that the color you have chosen matches well. Any color can be chosen, just know that the darker the color you choose the smaller it will make the room look.

If you don’t want to spend that much money on a curtain, you can of course get one made specifically for you at a curtain shop which you could find online easily. However, that may cost a pretty penny as well, probably not as much as buying the pre-made shower curtain but it will depend on several factors. Example: The type of fabric you want the shower curtain to be made of, the type of tub it is to cover, the measurements of the curtain, the details of the curtain, how you want it to hang from the rod, etc…

Best Shower Curtains can help save the stress of dealing with your bathroom floor being wet, or possibly hurting yourself or even worse electrocuting yourself.

You know it more than I do, the shower can get the bathroom floor wet. But, there are ways to prevent this from happening. The moisture and the water on the floor can damage the bathroom floor and walls. Eventually, mold will start to grow damaging the bathroom even more.

When you are frustrated with our shower and the expense of replacing it or redoing it is too much, try the tips above and see if they can help you to make a more comfortable surrounding for when you need to take your shower.