There are many things to do in Ireland’s County Kilkenny. A land of gentle rolling hills, rural villages and rivers, the county is an ideal place to relax and explore.

This wonderful and simple recipe combines Mexican fruits with lime juice, orange juice, chili powder and tequila for a really flavorful and stunning Mexican dessert recipe. This makes enough fruit salad for eight people.

Cherie: I had a cookbook ready and in the wings to be published it was all cooked vegan food but I just had to shelf it because I couldn’t in good conscience ever teach cooking after that. She told me while I was there that I would be a beacon of light for her teaching and it just took off like wildfire.. People came from all over the world to learn how to do this with me. It was delicious. They felt great and after Victoras learned about it and started having me prepare foods for events for him.

Be Engrossed: A benefit about having able to study in a culinary recipes is the opportunity to feel the work place. Being able to handle stress and time management could make you a better chef. Why? A chef works in a fast-paced environment, and often has to work in long hours. It is a very hectic job, so you do not take it lightly. You must expect the inevitable.

French cuisine is very diverse, as every region of the country has its own cooking styles. The Provence region, which is well loved by tourists, grows and makes use of lavender in their cooking. The area is also known for growing olives and produces a wonderful olive oil. Fish, chicken and lamb dishes are popular with good use of herbs such as sage, rosemary and others.

The German’s have a word for this feeling it’s schadenfreude and it means having distress over another person’s happiness. Another way to define it is killjoy. Being a killjoy is most dangerous for children because instead of exploring their own amazing potential they put energy into wanting someone else’s.

Try sharing these experiences with your friends & family. Remember, even though we are warned of the mistakes, we might land up committing the same initially. But, its not possible to become a perfectionist in a day! Learning takes time and we must allow ourselves to take time! Our mistakes form good fun stories that can be shares with the family & friends and they would surely smile back to you!