St. Lucia is very famous for being a volcanic island covered with lush vegetation and trees that beautify the roadsides. If you want to experience dazzling sunlight and white sandy beaches, then you should go to St. Lucia for a holiday this season. A lot of resorts and hotels in St. Lucia are made for the ease of holidaymakers and offer the best of services.

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Both of the two cities – Luxor and Cairo – have much information to reveal. If you are vacationing for beach relaxation, then the place to visit is towards the Red Sea, which at the same times must be recommended for the tourism project. Sometimes kids are very picky and they would wish to witness the best holiday packages offerings of the Towers of Giza. And there are more that Egypt has to offer – the deserts with the scenic sunset and the experience to eat with the Bedouin tribes.

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Asia Health Resorts offer you the best deals for travel packages to Dharamshala. The package costs you about Rs 18,000 for a family suite. The accommodation is for 2 nights and 3 days with the best of facilities at your disposal. Package is inclusive of daily breakfast and lunch/dinner, along with bed tea. There is a swimming pool and a gymnasium for you to make use of and also regular body massage for a couple is provided. The resort makes for a scenic place which is very near to the valleys where Buddhist Monasteries are located and it is worth a visit.