Are you a member of the Boomerang Generation? You are if you were born between 1977 and 1989. It’s called the “boomerang” because many young people of this generation went off to college, graduated, and ended up back home with Mom and Dad. If you are among this group, know that it’s okay to lean on your parents for at least a little while as you get your career bearings.

Demonstrate how you have improved. What lessons have you learned from your last review, and how have you changed for the better? For instance, if you received a low rating on your last review for ‘meeting deadlines and commitments’ be ready to show how you have mastered those competencies by meeting critical project milestones.

Consider what you really want to do. Seek help from a icf singapore to decide clearly on your career direction and the stepping stones to get there.

Spelling and grammatical mistakes. It seems like common sense to have your resume clean of these types of errors, yet they are still being sent to employers. Your bullet points do not have to be complete sentences, however your introduction or summary can be written in a standard paragraph format. Read your resume out loud to yourself, so that you can get a better review of your work or have someone else look at it before you print it.

#1 Have A Plan: In the job search as in home improvement, you need a plan. You can’t just buy a bunch of supplies and get to work. You have to plan out the project and lay the foundation. The same goes for the job search. Once you’ve determined the job you want, you have to decide how you’re going to find that job. If you aren’t finding enough leads, you have to figure out how to get more or better leads. If you’re getting interviews, but not getting the right offers, you might need to fine tune your interviewing skills. Put your efforts where they will be most effective based on what needs to be done. For example, don’t waste time tweaking your resume and scouring job listing sites, if what you really need is interview preparation.

You are pessimistic. Having a positive attitude towards your job is very important to ensure success. You may have all the great skills you need, but if you don’t have a ‘go-getter’ attitude, you will never succeed. To be successful in your chosen career, you need to have the right mindset. Optimism will allow you to stay focused on your goal against all odds.

No one really trusts a gossip. If you pay attention, you will see that their careers are going nowhere fast. What does this have to do with you as you are hunting for a new job? The best resume and cover letter in the world isn’t going to change what your boss has to say about you when he or she is called. If you think that your boss either doesn’t know you are a gossip or isn’t going to say anything about it, you’re wrong. Your boss will mention it and it will hurt your chances at a new company.

As a final step, take an objective look at your materials. Are you using quality paper for the printed versions? (No colored stock.) Is the typeface a standard one? Are you sending your application to a real live person with a title? Are your contact points correct and readily available?