Buying a pair of binoculars can be a decision you have to put off for a very long time because of the price. Well in today’s world, there are many places where you can find discount binoculars. These discount binoculars are usually half the price of normal binoculars you find in a regular retail store. Many people are hesitant of buying discount binoculars because they feel the quality and durability may be lacking if they don’t spend enough money on them! That isn’t TRUE! You can find the same name brand binoculars for just about half the price anywhere else, all thanks to the World Wide Web!

To fine focus close your right eye and turn the focus wheel. Then with your right eye open, close your left eye and adjust the diopter focus until the view is in sharp focus.

The magnification and the field of view are two binocular features that work in opposition to each other. In general, the more powerful binoculars (12 X 50) will have a smaller field of view (290FT/1000YD), while less powerful binoculars (8 X 42) will typically have a wider field of view (380FT/1000YD).

This feature may not apply to you, but if you are planning on setting a tripod up to look over a certain scenic area, you will want binoculars that can adapt to that tripod. You may also want to use a tripod if you have shaky hands or worry about not having your binoculars be steady and level.

Will you take binoculars with you outdoors to view nature while on a hike or to watch birds? What about hunting, boating, or using binoculars at stadium events like concerts? Maybe you’d like to take a small pair of binoculars with you when you travel. There are many different uses for binoculars, so it makes sense to get the type of binoculars that are best suited for your use. Often times, people will carry an inexpensive pair of mil vs moa in the glove-box of their vehicle or backpack just in case they see something of interest while they’re out and about.

Medium sized binoculars in the 10X42mm range are a good compromise of size and optic quality and are what most people buy today that use binoculars on a daily basis. A lot of quality can be packed into binoculars of this size. This size of binocular is also a perfect fit for the average sized hands. If you want to make sure you get the best binoculars for the money, be sure to keep them in the 10X42mm size.

Avoid these three mistakes when choosing your binoculars for birdwatching and you’ll do just fine. Look for a pair that is waterproof and around eight to ten power. You can find a great pair of birding binoculars in the one to three hundred dollar range. If your budget won’t let you go over fifty dollars or so, don’t worry. You can still have a lot of fun and perhaps upgrade in the future.