The practice before every playoff game my old coach used to say, “Bring a bag to put all your stuff in for after the game, because it’s the end of year and a loss means that you are done for the season.” He wasn’t trying to scare us by the thought of not playing baseball after tomorrow, but he wanted to make sure we understood the significance of the game. Young 16-18 year old men don’t always consider what they are a part of, and he wanted to hit home that if there is ever a time to give you best, now was the time.

Candlepin Bowling pins are another interesting variety of bowling pins. Candlepin bowling is popular in New England. Candlepin bowling pins are entirely unique. They do not resemble the pins used in any other popular Bowling game.

Many people come to the bowling lanes with some nostalgia. It is for this reason that Retro bowling shirts gained their popularity. Retro shirts are simple, unsophisticated, and they depict the simple lifestyle of Americans during those days. If you know the history of bowling, it’ll be fun to wear retro bowling costumes when you go bowling.

Quite frankly, the state of baseball is a mess. Owners of major league teams have put their own selfish needs of winning above the good of the sport. Major League baseball has had a win at all costs attitude. It has encouraged trickery and deception and instead of representing all that is good about America, it has represented all of America’s mistakes. As my wife Michelle has told me, “It has become a mean game.” That ends today. Starting today, owners, players and fans must ask themselves not what is good for their team but what is good for the well being of the sport.

Understanding whip effect, will help you understand the natural move, the natural swing, the way it happens in all other sports that require a throwing action. Think about it and name another sport where your goal is to spin your back foot. Many Cricket coaches are teaching their students to spin their back foot to get rotation through the player’s hips. Name any other sport where you see this type of instruction or this type of throwing pattern.

I have many fond memories of Cricket. All my Cricket uniforms are still intact, I even had one of them framed to preserve the precious moments I had with it. My mother was a photographer so I have tons of photos during my junior cricket years. My son and I would occasionally browse them while we eat some candies from sweet hampers.

This was a negotiation between a baseball scout and a baseball agent. WOW! How exciting to see the real world in action! Two powerful people of real position and power hammering at each other – and hard at it too. And all about the terms for a local hero and his future baseball job.

No doubt both countries want victory, but its impossible. Anyone has to face defeat in every game, and these ups and downs are part of life. If today you have to face defeat then tomorrow you also can prove yourself as winner. And it is one of the best rules of happy life to face the hard realities of life courageously and open heartedly.