Now is the time to respond to the job ads and get your resume out there again! The number of job listings right now is higher than the last 6 months – jump in and respond to the job ads that you want rather than ‘take a break’ for the holidays. One job seeker yesterday said she has 4 interviews this week – the most she’s had all year!

Submit resumes and always follow up by phone and email to make sure that the company received them. Don’t just be another sheet of paper in the stack. Get noticed by making personal, voice-to-voice contact.

1: Job seekers at time can be inexperienced to write a good resume. Let’s be frank here. Many seekers do not really know what employers want and know much less about how to write a good resume or cover letter that reflects what the employer is looking. Tip: Keep away from doing what most carrier hunters do – that is, most people try to write a application without any help from expert or experienced. Even if you think you are a bright writer and you have a great prospect how to write a job application. The best way to get your resume writing is either get the help of a international coach federation or take help form any resume writing company.

Scotty Bowman: According to the stats and my Cliff Clavin sports fanatic friend Dan, Scotty Bowman wins the NHL coaches award. His record stands alone at the top of the pack with 9 Stanley Cup wins and 233 playoff wins (all records). If you were lucky enough to play for him you walked out of the rink better than you walked in.

Make sure that there are no gaps in your CV. If you spent a year backpacking then make sure that it is included. You might want to write something about the skills you acquired during your travels which are pertinent to the job that you are applying for.

Stains or marks. Again, you would think this is a no brainer, yet one employer said he receives resumes with coffee stains on them. Accidents happen, however think about the impression you are making on an employer when you send out a resume that is not pristine.

This is the Big Kahuna. The Chief. The Big Guy. The Man. And yes, the real decision maker. This my friend, is show-time, this is make or break time, this is use all the knowledge you can muster.

Patrick Roy: In order to make it to the NHL you have to want to win but there are some players that define desire. Competition personifies Patrick Roy — so much so that there is a book entitled, “Patrick Roy, Winning, Nothing Else”. Roy is a warrior, passionate, confident, and even prideful. St. Patrick was selected as the greatest goaltender in NHL history by a panel of 41 writers plus a fan poll. Patrick plays to win.